The lines for Verizon are 3 months away

iPad with on display keyboard

Image via Wikipedia

TALLAHASSEE- (BARRAN KEY LOVE) Some analyst were disappointed with the lack of lines through out the country at Verizon ($VZ) Stores. However, if you take a step back, it’s easy to understand why the masses aren’t making the switch from ATT&T ($T) just quite yet. Many of the Apple ($AAPL) iPhone 4 users are still in a two year contract. With the more and more popular iPad taking share with it’s 3G service, why spend the data plan a for two devices. We are starting to see a shift in thinking to the original basic “dummy” phones and paying the monthly service fee for the iPad instead. Also, keep in mind that #AAPL usually releases the latest phones over the summer. Even with the poor health of CEO, Steve Jobs, the company is still expecting the launch of iPhone 5 and iPad 2 soon. Many customers who wish to make the switch to #VZ from #T are merely waiting for the summer to get the latest gadgets or waiting for their contract to come out.

-Benjamin Horbowy


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