Steve Jobs isnt asking if we want the iPad 2. He asks, “black or white?”

CUPERTINO, CA- The young developers’ at apple campus’ bike rack looks like the All-American cycle team’s dream wish list. There’s so many good things going on that’s not being spread out in the free mass media. It just took me 5 minutes before I found a good article in the selection of several cities’ news paper at the near by Starbucks ($SBUX up today 1.9% and over 40% in the past few months). Those papers should be called the bad newspaper. As I’m having my mocha frap tall , snacking on a warm organic chicken Santa Fe Panini, and pre-pealed apple slices, I notice there’s only Apple products ($AAPL up 10% in the past two weeks) and three interviews taking place around me for local companies hiring. I see people with more spending money. Since gas is getting steep, the president will release our domestic oil reserve to give consumers more buying power. The gas hype is temporary. This might be the best thing he has done for the american commerce, but not enough to keep the democrats. around in the next election.

Yuppie Coffee Break

The juicy 5.4% yielding dividends from 170 shares of $VZ pays for the 3G as buzz keep bloggers busy on tweeter @BarranKeyLove about the excitement of iPad 2 is just around the corner. Steve Jobs understands the pockets of most Americans by studying our iTunes activity and user statics. He isn’t worried about the timing of the release of the most advancing business, educational, and entertaining communication device ever. Its time to buy america, and whats more american than Apple? The chatter going on now is, “Are you getting the black or white iPad 2?”

Benjamin Horbowy

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