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My 3 year old niece learned to write on an iPad, she knows my girlfriend’s 3 year old niece in Colombia and they never met, she will buy her media from iTunes, and iVote for her president on an iWatch. RT iTunesisation is here.

The ice cream companies don’t have trucks creeping around play grounds anymore; they advertise on a game that teaches children colors. Where did you think she got that #trending topic phrase stuck in her head, “Daddy, I want a RedBull” or “Mommy, can I have #fourthmeal @TacoBell?” There’s no way around it, the information super highway is too slow for her generation. Everything is in sync on 1 Infinate Loop. She fast forwards through commercials and doesn’t go on facebook anymore because that’s for grandma.

@Twitter is the new… It’s tomorrow. My niece doesn’t look in yellow pages or google. She hears about it on twitter. If you aren’t on there, she doesn’t know who in the world are you. Today’s 18-25 who spend more than any other demographic judges who to listen to based on who has the most fans. If your business doesn’t have an iBuzz person on your marketing team, you are unknown.

Via tweet and @YouTube video, I am announcing my campaign to show how to speak to tweens. I love the green lover island life style, but telling kids, “get off my lawn” only makes them TP you later. Speak their language and show love. Dios es Amor. They can learn to slow down after the bridge and to recycle. We just have to speak their texting language. If you don’t know how, hire someone who does. I’m not a businessman, marketing firm, or your employee. Who am I? I’m everyone with a mobile phone. I might be the caddy, the hotdog stand, the tourist planning vacation, or the 14-year-old girl on wi-fi at the restaurant. I am your KEYs demographic. How were you planning on reaching me? Tell me no or I can’t and #watchme do it #LIVE. Lead by example; stop throwing money away in the phone book.

@KeysiVote #4prez @KeysiCampaign.  Nominate canidates for @KeysRedParty @KeysBlueParty @KeysGreenParty @KeysPinkParty @KeysGoldParty. There will be a fun primary in each party hosted by different restaurants who volunteer to benefit a local charity.


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2 responses to “@KeysiVote #4prez @KeysiCampaign

  1. I moved to the Keys to get peace in my life and to be Uncle Benní. If I wanted to live on wallstreet or sillicon valley I would. I’m not chasing money, I want to live a happy live. I was told to go to business school for marketing. Anyone can do that seeking a skill, but who will come up with the ideas? I’m bigger than marketing or business plans. I’m in the study of people, sociology. The data collected from my research can be used for a masters. Getting an MBA and a Masters of Sociology are two different roads, but both encourage some time in field. I have consulted with a colleges who have masters degrees, one being from Harvard, and a few professors in the sociology department of FSU. I have told them my idea and received their support. “That’s maybe the most innovative social research idea I’ve heard from my students.” -Director of the Department

    I have found that the Keys are an unmarked territory of social media, but all the tourist use it in search of vacation spots. This place needs me if they know it or not. I don’t see ANY other young person who is willing to live here and willing to work. Furthermore, I don’t know anyone else who can drop the jaw of the Apple store and AT&T rep when they look at my phone’s data and app usage. I’ve been in town for less than a month, gained over 10,000 followers through different demographic twitter accounts, been on the keys radio, and been seen on the Miami news. I get followers because twerps search to leave their cubical through their iPhone. Who do they find in the Keys, the one and only. “You will be well known one day, Benny”- President of a University in China who I roommated with and hooked him up with a sister school in USA. (he’ll visit me in the Keys one day… bringing his venture capitalist.)

    I can’t leave. The goal was to be a better Uncle Benní and to build my family a house. That takes time. If I leave, they are right to call me a fly by night salesman. I’m not! I am a sociologist who loves to write and enjoy my life. I think it’s insulting to 99% of people who work hard all their life to hear that $100,000,000 isn’t a lot of money. The greatest investment is in relationships, the best return is love. Dios es Amor. More importantly, if I leave, who’s gonna be Uncle Benní?

    The difference between my friend and I who they call “Donald Trump of the Keys” is that I can delegate. I’m the Flagler of Social Media in the keys, nice to meet you. The elders might not know me, but the generation who will buy my ideas do. I won’t stop until there’s a wi-fi connection on every cell tower from Key Largo to Key West with my name on it “#Follow @KeysLivin Wi-fi” If I don’t do it, a 12 year old will. There’ no Knights of Columbus in the Keys… who’s gonna bring them here. I don’t know, but I do know who isn’t… that old fart usher.

    Someone will buy my ideas. I’ve always made my employers riches. In my favorite jobs, I have been recruited. My close in interviews have always been…

    “If you don’t want to hire me, please don’t. My work culture might go better with your competition.” My mistake was taking the job… should have worked for myself all along.

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