How to Play #FindGringo on ESPN Game 2#Heat vs #Bulls @KeyThinkTank:

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

@SouthFL305- Let’s play- “#FindGringo”

It shouldn’t be hard to miss a 6’3 gringo wearing a Red and White Juniors Soccer Jersey with a hat from Barranquilla, Colombia in Downtown Miami. I stand a head over all the cubans, you will find me! We can #twitpic or #youtube together with a message on my small dry-erase board. I will give you a #shoutout from #TeamKeys @KeyThinkTank. We are part of a few larger #teams who will be blasting about the game their twitter accounts.

Join the live chat #FindGringo #heat #bulls

#FREE Local and National Media- All twerps who find me will be logged for future #shoutouts and exclusively followed by the trend setter of many teams. Content will be exposed on TV, YouTube, or other forms of social media. Show me your twitter, I’ll show you mine.



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