Green Movement on the #CaliFlorida Rail

Thursday, June 16, 2011
WFLA iHeart Radio 100.7,

“I’m JESUS”- Sexton.

Florida baker acts the minds that create jobs. California dresses up those guys like super heroes and send them to a loony bin we call Stanford. I love Florida and I see that it will never beat California because FL still harvest more oranges than innovators.

I was a Tallahassee bankster listening to a boss. It wasn’t until 14,000 of us were let go, that I figured how to earn my own living. There was an infusion of MBAs on the PlayStation network. It didn’t take us long how to beat the 7 year old. We all formed our own corporation and worked together to make money by having the 12 year old gamer work for us. I made a 2.1 at FSU, but a 4.0 at Stanford. When you get a C or an A at FSU, is nearly the same in the fact that your alumni still works at Papa Johns. I went from a pizza driver to a volunteer limo driver for the handy-capable. Five star service given to the most under appreciated population; free rides in a BMW! A think tank has to get his ideas by being a mole of social media. Pablo used taxis.

I ride the public rail around here because my license was taking away doing California stops… in California. Florida gives me a CDL class A, but California realizes I have too many thoughts on my head to focus. They gave me a true license to chill. I agree about those camera laws are systematize ways to control the population of driver and milk our pockets too. Best Buy and Cali both eats your dinner in front of you and stick you with the bill.
The Blairstone Appalachee intersection has less violations because the traffic on Victory Garden is over flowing now.

I was on Florida unemployment for two years because all the businesses said I had too many ideas. I felt the discrimination being a polish/american. It was rough in Tallahassee having two chambers, the black or white chamber wanted to take my money. They said I had too many ideas and let someone else develop my plan. Today at noon, I have a meeting with Steve at Apple. Thank you for sending me away Florida, the grass really is GREEN over here.

Shout out to the Polish for giving Steve jobs by giving him the idea of Apple.

Thank you Poland for lending us the best general United States has seen. Thank you for your fine Vodka, crystal art, technology, and innovative methods to survive communism and world wars through underground community organization. Once Florida learns to chill out and take a breath of fresh medicine, maybe you can figure out how to get corporate sponsors to reopen the Flagger rail powered by solar and magnate.

I had to move to California, so I can solve your social economic issues from my iPod. We should wi-fi from the Jewfish Bridge to Duval Street so the 3 year old can use the iPod to play chess with her cousin in Colombia. The 12 year old will check in #4sq in your restaurants and the 40 year old will rate your hotel on google. Wake up Florida! Control your wild women by converting Bullwinkles to a co-op dispensary. The Heat lost because King James’ momma is a hoe! It had to be said.

Forget about your landscaping and start thinking about your shrubs. Heinz Nurseries will benefit more from legalizing our medicine. Cali can keep medical, Florida can barter with industrial. They will share, they are hella chill. Healthy Tallahassee = visit Oakland.

“The difference between a leader and follower is innovation”



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