Jett Lee and Artist conversation

Megan Fox.

Image via Wikipedia

Convo based from Jett Lee and Artist Archuletta- #LuLu

#Frido- I designed iPad #7. It’s a hover pad.

#Lulu – Isn’t that from #B2F? Does it star Megan fox and the other transformers? Do you have to line it? #Hook it up to a #rail?

#Frido- It does! Zaps aliens with lazers. Comes home to Steve… #LOL they’re married. There’s ap for the chocolate factory. It’s a virtual real life expiernce fudge packing skateboard the government named Doc.OhShit

“Marty he’s in a 46 ford, we’re in a delorian”

#wtf #420 I want what this guy is on! play #FindFrido

I sell concepts. I’ll shoot a YouTube video, load it on my webpage, and if it’s popular… I’ll sell the idea again, but with a staff and professional equipment. When I present the company, we claim we have cameras, mikes, production equipment, and when I show up… I show only my iPhone.


<object style="height: 390px; width: 640px”>


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