Hiring! Twitten by @yournamehere


Two offices available- yellow lounge chairs on pier or blue bench tiki hut.


I need sharp apprentices to tweet as I narrate. We’ll work on my blog, my book, my YouTube channel, & my #Team @KeyThinkTank twitter accounts while I provide you with perfect creative environments and right mind sets as I “interview” local business owners as we hang out on the boat, near the dock @MarriottKL, over great seafood lunches @JimmyJsBigChill, dance classes @KeysZumba, or #watch me #tradingtweeter @JPameriKeyTrade on @CNBC @Jimcramer .

Your job is tweet everything that’s #trending and #promo my friends on your twitter account as much as possible. The result, we both end up with much more followers. This is a wonderful part time, summer international internship, or free vacation for an up coming hustla who wants to learn a thing or two. I need rotating writers. Every region of people have different spin on what their locals’ preferences are. You will secret shop local venues and tell me how they can improve to attract your locals. You will leave with a new view of life, sun tan, and any signed document you need for reference.

Must be creative, fast, and know how to smoothly run and iPad2, iPhone4, and underwater GoPRO camera. To apply post a witty comment with skype name and some content that would make a user subscribe or #followme. Applications @KeyAgent

Make my life easy and don’t slow me down.


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